A Cure For Snoring? New Research Offers Hope For Sufferers

West Hollywood dentist offers snore therapy that help patients and their partners get better night’s sleep

According to Medical Xpress, researchers have discovered a potential treatment for those suffering from the disruptive condition: singing. In a study published in the International Journal of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, researchers studied 60 patients who were simple snorers and 60 patients who suffered from obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), a condition that can cause people to temporarily stop breathing during sleep. Over a period of three months, half of the group participated in a series of singing exercises, while the other half of the group did nothing. At the end of the study, the singing group experienced a significant reduction in snoring and an improvement in sleep quality compared to those in the control group, who experienced no change. According to researchers, the singing exercises may help strengthen the weak muscles in the soft palate and upper throat area responsible for causing both snoring and OSA, Medical Xpress reported. Overall, researchers say this new treatment could be a great therapeutic option for the millions of people experiencing sleep disruptions due to snoring and OSA though more changes would be needed to completely eliminate the problem. “It opens up a whole new avenue of potential treatment which avoids surgery, so it is definitely good news for snorers, said study researcher Malcolm Hilton, a consultant otolaryngologist at the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust and sub dean of the University of Exeter Medical School.
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I had no expectations but it was an interesting concept. There is not already a quick-fix treatment for snoring. It is a condition where, if you could find a non- invasive treatment , that would be very beneficial. “The conclusion that we came to was that the three-month programme of daily singing exercises reduced the frequency and severity of snoring, and improved overall quality of sleep. The exercises were easy to perform and two thirds of people were able to complete the three month programme doing the exercises most days. “It opens up a whole new avenue of potential treatment which avoids surgery, so it is definitely good news for snorers.
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Research trial into snoring brings new hope for sufferers

29) with non-life-threatening injuries. He was listed late Thursday as in fair condition, with three stab wounds. He suffered a punctured spleen and lacerated liver, according to a preliminary report from the Washington County Prosecutors Office. Officers were called to a domestic disturbance at a residence in the Pinkley subdivision on Fredonia around 3:30 a.m., according to police. Dawn Weiser, 44, was taken into custody. The victim suffered non-life threatening injuries. There were two children at the home, but police say they were not involved and are currently with grandparents.
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Suspect In Knife Attack On Snoring Husband Gets $25,000 Bond

dawn weiser

Irregular sleep habits, regular use of over-the-counter or prescription sedatives, smoking and excessive alcohol use can all contribute to snoring. Excess weight and obesity may also trigger or exacerbate snoring. Improved dietary and exercise habits can often help manage this type of snoring while eliminating known allergens and smoking can also provide relief. Not all patients respond well to lifestyle changes, however, and in some cases, the snoring may continue. Dr. Ghasri, West Hollywood dentist, may recommend snore therapy treatments. Custom mouth guards are designed to be extremely comfortable, and they can keep the tongue and soft palate in a healthy position to improve airflow during sleep. CPAP machines may also be appropriate in some cases.
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Eliminating copays helps reduce blood pressure in Kaiser Permanente study

The novel patient initiatives were part of a big eight-year program from Kaiser, involving more than 300,000 patients with high blood pressure, or hypertension. At the beginning, less than half had brought their blood pressure under control. That increased to a remarkable 80 percent, well above the national average, the researchers said. The research involved patients who were part of Kaiser Permanente in Northern California, a network of 21 hospitals and 73 doctors’ offices, which makes coordinating treatment easier than in independent physicians’ offices.
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Blood pressure improvements seen with no co-pays, easier-to-use pills, researchers report Pressure relief

The registry grew, and by 2009, the portion under control reached 80 percent of 353,000 patients. That compares to 64 percent of people with blood pressure problems nationwide. Two features likely played a big role in the programs success: In 2005, the region started using a single generic pill combining two common blood pressure drugs, lisinopril and a diuretic. The pill is less expensive than taking the two medicines separately, and easier to use. And in 2007, the program began offering free follow-up visits with medical assistants, rather than doctors, checking blood pressure readings. Besides charging no insurance co-payment, these brief visits were available at more flexible times, increasing chances that patients would stick with the program.
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Home blood pressure monitoring may improve control

They also reported feeling more confident about being able to take care of themselves and made changes such as adding less salt to their food. “It’s kind of creating a feedback loop where the patient is measuring their blood pressure and forwarding that information to the healthcare team, and the healthcare team is able to interpret that information and feed back information to the patient about how they can achieve better blood pressure control,” Margolis told Reuters Health. The remaining questions, Uhlig said, are if blood pressure reductions will be maintained years down the line, and if people who had the intervention will go on to develop fewer heart conditions. The intervention would cost about $1,350 per patient to implement outside of a study, the researchers calculated. Margolis said they are planning to continue to follow the patients in this study and perform a more formal cost effectiveness analysis after a few years.
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Manage and monitor your blood pressure at home

UQ’s Professor Michael Stowasser and Associate Professor James Sharman will present self-empowerment strategies for measuring and managing blood pressure at home. Associate Professor Sharman said incorrect diagnosis or treatment could result, even when blood pressure is measured by a doctor. The biggest concern is when people have white coat hypertension’, Associate Professor Sharman said. This happens when the patient feels anxious about the doctor taking the measurement, causing blood pressure to become elevated from the anxiety, not the underlying condition. Home blood pressure measurement can help fix this situation, as readings at home are more representative of an individual’s true underlying blood pressure. Speakers will focus on: The importance of blood pressure and how to improve it through lifestyle choices The latest information on blood pressure measurement The problems associated with measuring blood pressure in the clinic (especially white coat hypertension) Why home blood pressure measurement is a good option Breaking down the barriers to best blood pressure management Attendees will also be given an update on the Princess Alexandra Hospital’s latest research on blood pressure and the opportunity to participate in a new study. The presentation will be held at Greenslopes Private Hospital on Thursday 29 August at 7pm and is cohosted by the Queensland Hypertension Association.
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For ‘Biggest Loser’ trainer, diet trumps exercise in weight loss

‘Exercise Pill’ May Build Muscle, Boost Athletic Performance & Lower Cholesterol Levels (VIDEO)

Ninety percent of those in the study exercise regularly. “They’re the biggest losers across the nation,” Kelly said. “And the No. 1 thing they did was exercise on a regular basis. Many simply through walking.” Harper said he values working with people who have gotten far off the diet and fitness track more than the celebrity status conferred upon him by reality TV.
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Exercise Is Medicinal

If there is a park near by, walk over and do some stretching exercises in the fresh air. Youll still have plenty of time to eat. Just brown bag a sandwich, an apple and a bottle of water. Use the Stairs Whenever the opportunity arises, take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you work in a high rise it would not be practical to walk up 10 flights of stairs, but you can walk 3 flights and use the elevator for the rest.
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You did listen in those undergrad nutrition classes.) What may surprise you, however, is that many of the claims and numbers — “low-fat,” “no fat,” “sugar-free” — can woo you towards products that aren’t necessarily as healthy as they sound. Case in point: “Low-fat” usually means less than 30 percent of your daily calories from fat, however, the same product might be jam-packed with sugar and additives to make up for, you know, the cardboard taste. Same goes for most sugar-free foods: additive city. Sorry kids, but your best plan of attack is sticking to foods that are naturally low in fat or sugar — for example, leafy greens — so you won’t get stuck with mystery ingredients you didn’t expect.
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Exercise for busy women (Video)

My advice My advice for a healthy life is to get out and be active: Get back on a bicycle, jump in the pool, battle the ocean waves, pick up a paddle, jog through the park, or pick up a racket. Think of it as investing in what I call a “health pension” — investment in your health now for the years ahead. It could be the best thing you can do for your future. And take your friends and family. Enjoy staying healthy and live longer by being active. The power of exercise is that it can turn on YOUR genes-genes that help defend against disease and the aging process. Remember: Exercise is medicinal.
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Supervisors decide not to cut mental health budget

Director Jeff Bennett tells The Sun Herald reports ( http://bit.ly/14X7TvW) the center provides a full range of mental health services to Harrison, Hancock, Stone and Pearl River counties. “Following Katrina, because of the severe economic impact on the Coast and the four counties we serve and the lack of tax revenue coming in and we had some cuts, we lost several thousand dollars,” Bennett said. “Then the oil spill comes and again some cuts. Fortunately we were able to get some grants, FEMA grants and so on, that covered those losses.” One of its most successful programs, he said, is the Crisis Stabilization Unit in Gulfport that serves all four counties. “That’s for people with significant mental illness who have in all likelihood been committed,” he said.
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Mental Health First Aid training in Springfield

CDT, August 21, 2013 SPRINGFIELD, Mo.– It’s first aid of a different kind, and instructors believe it’s just as important. Folks from all over the state are in Springfield learning how to respond to someone having a mental health crisis. It’s the first Mental Health First Aid mass training in Missouri. There are about 200 people going through the two day training at University Plaza Convention Center. They’re from a variety of backgrounds, but many are emergency responders and faith leaders. At some point, every one of us is likely to meet someone suffering a mental health crisis. “The myth is that mental health problems are not common, but one in five individuals could have a mental health illness in the United States alone,” says Jermine Alberty, Mental Health First Aid project director. Ladell Flowers is the director of a faith-based clinical treatment program, Dismas House of Kansas City, and sees mental health issues daily. “It seems like now more than ever before, there’s so many crises, the economy crunch, and people are just, as the kids say, wiggin out,” says Flowers. He’s just one of many hoping to gain new resources and knowledge. “We’re grateful for God, for this opportunity,” Flowers says. “Often people, when they don’t know what to do, they don’t do anything. So to give them the information to do something with empowers them to help,” says Alberty.
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Beauty products that fit your travel lifestyle

Packing light isnt always easy and those 3-1-1 bags aren’t that big, especially when you’re flying during the summer and have to squeeze sunscreen in there, too. While you can buy it once you get there, many resorts, theme parks and grocery stores have outrageous prices on these items. A better way to pack and avoid checking a bag is by streamlining your beauty routine to take fewer products and those that are multipurpose. Here are five ways you can find room in your travel bag for sunscreen and still look great in all your pictures. Tinted Moisturizer – You may be used to taking your foundation wherever you go, but a tinted moisturizer can do double-duty as a foundation and a moisturizer. Most have built-in SPF, so you don’t have to bring a second sunscreen specifically for your face.
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Jane Cosmetics Announces Retail Partnership with ULTA Beauty

More important, the brand carries a message of philanthropy and giving that collectively creates the visual of a thousand blossoms blooming. ” “We are so pleased to add Jane Cosmetics to our selection at ULTA Beauty,” said ULTA Beauty Senior Vice President of Merchandising, Janet Taake. “We believe that this line of innovative, high-quality products at an affordable price point will be a perfect fit for ULTA Beauty and our customers.” The launch will be supported with public relations and social media activations, in-store and ULTA Beauty catalog advertising, and an online gift-with-purchase promotion, which will release the week of September 9th. The New Jane Collection To emphasize Jane’s philosophy that true beauty comes from giving back and that confidence comes in many colors, the new packaging features vibrant lomographic imagery, showcasing the faces of “The Friends of Jane”; real, culturally diverse women who are giving back to their communities and changing the word in impactful ways. The brand will also feature new, high-quality formulas in a variety of innovative and on-trend shades and finishes. Jane Cosmetics will re-launch with over 120 new SKUs including: pH Adjusting Stain Gloss Available in 4 shades; priced at $7 Cream Eye Shadow Available in 12 shades; priced at $8 Eye Shadow Available in 45 shades; priced at $8 Water-Resistant Eye Liner Available in 20 shades; priced at $6 Water-Resistant Liquid Eye Liner Available in 13 shades; priced at $8 Volumizing Mascara & Water-Resistant Volumizing Mascara Priced at $10 Eye Primer Priced at $8 Multi-Colored Pressed Powder Available in 6 shades; priced at $12 Pressed Bronzing Powder Available in 4 shades; priced at $10 BB Cream Available in 3 shades; priced at $16 Concealer Available in 3 shades; priced at $8 Makeup Bag Priced at $15 Availability Jane Cosmetics is currently sold on JaneCosmetics.com , Ulta.com and will be carried in ULTA Beauty doors nationwide beginning August 18, 2013. About Jane Cosmetics Jane Cosmetics is back and better than ever, with the highest quality formulas, an array of beautiful shades and finishes, and a renewed emphasis on making the world a better place.
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